Quotes about Boris Johnson


Quote contribution
If you have published quotes about Boris Johnson (or by Boris Johnson, for a later incarnation) that shouldn’t go amis, kindly send links to two sources and a copy of the quote in the form below.

Some considerations for suggesting quotes:

  1. The closer to the primary source, the better. We generally don’t consider opinion articles and columns to be primary sources, unless they are written by Boris Johnson himself or by a person who has worked with Boris Johnson and provides their own quote in an opinion piece.
  2. We prefer to stay as close to the original source as possible and include the actual quote rather than how it entered the vernacular.
  3. We don’t accept quotes about Boris Johnson from that undoubtedly hilarious chap you met at the upper Edrich. They need to be from people who know him personally. Similarly, please spare us your quotes from Owen Jones.
  4. There needs to be some weight to the person whose quote we cover. Unless their quote provides a unique insight, the assistant to the regional manager of a pork pie factory in Scunthorpe that Johnson once visited is probably not a very interesting source.
  5. The bar for including quotes about Boris Johnson from opposition politicians is higher as they are simply doing their job, holding the government to account. Unless they provide new insights into Boris Johnson’s character, work, or scandals they are often par for the course and less likely to add real value to this project.
  6. We understand that people who are still working for Johnson may find it difficult to speak on the record. We generally do not include quotes without attribution but make exceptions when it's clear that someone can't speak freely, the medium is reliable, and the quote adds value.

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