Quotes about Boris Johnson

God above! What about a sense of personal responsibility?

I feel politicians should go into politics to do good for their country. That is the overwhelming reason to be in politics. I don't think it's about your own personal sense of getting to the top of a snakes-and-ladders game.

And I feel that, if you lose moral authority, and if you do things which the average person - your mother, someone you try to explain to, someone who you admire - if you do something or say something, which on the front page of the Sunday Times looks terrible, and you do that consistently, and you betray a sense of not really caring, I think you should leave.

And I find the lack of honour inherent in modern politics, incredibly distressing.

I don't know people in Downing Street, I'm not close to the situation, but if I'm failing, I've done a few things wrong, 'Oh gosh, I'm going to change my advisers'. God above! What about a sense of personal responsibility? You know, ā€˜Iā€™m going to change my chief of staff and it will all be fine.ā€™ Oh, really?

9 February 2022 ā€“ John Armitage, founder of Egerton Capital and major donor to the Conservative Party