Quotes about Boris Johnson


Below is an overview of the quotes that we are still working on and that are not ready for inclusion. That is usually because vital details are still missing. If you have clues as to the missing details, please let us know via the Contribute page.

I divorced him for adultery. It enabled him to marry Marina.” – Allegra Mostyn-Owen, Boris Johnson's first wife. [From when is this quote? We need at least a month and a year]

"Boris went completely ape. He phoned me, f-ing and c-ing. I said it wasn’t my decision. He came back ten minutes later full of apologies. But Boris has a ferocious temper – he is not a cuddly teddy bear all the time.” – Mark Stanway, a sub-editor at the Telegraph [From when is this quote? We need at least a month and a year]

"Don’t be fooled. Boris is a cold, calculating narcissist, a sociopath with the moral empathy of bacteria. His bumbling awkwardness is practiced, like a Music Hall drunk. Don’t ever belief him. He will screw the UK over with out breaking into a sweat." – Unknown [These lines have been shared on social media. We do not believe that these words come from someone who knows him personally but are happy to be persuaded otherwise. If anyone has pointers as to who might have said this and when, please use the contribute page.]

"Brexit destroyed him… because nobody genuinely believes that he was sincere about Brexit" Guto Harri in July 2018 somewhere on the BBC. But when and where exactly?